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Streaming media has consistently gained popularity and sustained consumer demand has only prompted more and more participants in the market. While each one of them pledge capabilities, these characteristics are limited to certain conditions. If there has been one device that has steadily offered technology, upgrades, affordability and dependability, then it has only been the

About Roku

For years now, Roku has been topping every streaming media player listing, proving itself to be the best amid competitors. Connect to premium network services such as Netflix and HBO or simply opt for the seemingly unknown channel services – brings everything into the smart TV. Upgraded entertainment systems are compatible with the newer generation of Roku devices available in the market today. In fact, all Wi-Fi-enabled systems are attuned to work with the media player. Priced modestly, and supporting at least 1080p resolutions (and even the higher 4K HDR in some of the latest ones), the Roku comes in several shapes and sizes, equipped with disparate features. Users can choose the set of attributes that they are looking forwhich could be space-saving, affordability, or simply experience

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Features at a glance

  • On compatible TVs, Roku offers 1080p to high-end 4K Ultra HD, and HDR picture quality
  • Over 100,000 plus movies, features and shows are available
  • Basic wireless connectivity achieved through the 802.11 b/g/n – Some later devices offer 802.11ac dual-band MIMO and even come with an advanced wireless receiver
  • Remotes range from simple streaming-player controlling ones to superior voice remotes that even control the volume buttons on the TV
  • All of Roku’s streaming devices connect through the HDMI. The newer devices are compatible with the HDCP 2.2 while rendering 4K video displays
  • In-built with quad-core processors – the devices are fast
  • Besides, through the HDMI, they also produce Dolby Audio and DTS pass

Latest attributes – Roku TV

In the United States, Roku TVs offer more watching options. Besides, the Live TV Pause functionality has received some upgrades. The tuner now includes some popular Roku channels. A custom input for naming has been included besides a faster ‘Resume’ function after it goes on ‘Standby’ mode.

Software update

Once if the network connection is active, software download is automatic and then, recommend you to wait until the download process is complete

Roku TV activation guide

Roku TV users can check the information below to connect streaming gadget. Switch on your Roku TV and then, execute initial setup steps. Use premium HDMI cable & slide it to the respective HDMI Port on your TV and streaming device

Pair the batteries and switch your Roku TV

Without a network connection, it’s hard to proceed with Roku TV setup and then, to connect the device to the network, suggest you opt for best network connection method and its good if you opt for the option, wireless

Personalize your device and then, activate respective settings that include language & display selection

Requirements for setup

All streaming media players need an internet connection and the device is no exception. To perform an efficient setup process, get connected to a network and register the device with an account on

The type of internet connection

Reliability of the network and speed of connection are two of the predominant prerequisites to streaming on the Roku. To stream movies, features, TV shows and other videos in the highest possible quality, use Roku-recommended network standards. Most home broadband services like DSL, cable internet, or fiber support Roku. Although for specific requirements it is best to consult with the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Roku functions on a permanent internet connection. However, a Roku TV can function as standard television in the absence of an internet connection.


An internet connection with a minimum speed of at least 1.5 Mbps is required to play content from the Roku. To play HD resolutions, the speed should be around 3.0 Mbps. Check the actual speed with the help of a testing service because generally, speeds are lower than what they have actually been advertised for. Unwarranted video pauses, poor quality videos, constant buffering and any video playback issues generally point to the internet speeds. Netflix suggests that the minimum required broadband speed should be 0.5 Megabits per second with the highest going up to 12 Megabits per second for 3D quality resolutions. Other recommendations include DVD quality for 3.0 Megabits / second, HD quality should have 5.0 Megabits / second and super HD quality can be played with 7.0 Megabits / second

Roku Activation code

Latest products

Roku has always ensured that it provides its dedicated customers with upgraded, newer devices, equipped with enhanced features. Here are some of the latest futuristic Roku products that come with a range of attributes.

  • Size of a USB, it offers HDR 10 support along with 4K
  • 4K Ultra HD and HDR playback with a new antenna attachment for improving Wi-Fi reception
  • Supports improved 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards
  • Offers four times the wireless range of the previous generation’s Roku streaming stick
  • Streaming up to 60 frames per second
  • Voice remote with power and volume controls for the TV
  • Besides 4K and HDR10, the device also supports WCG device formats
  • Plays in Dolby Atmos audio
  • Affordable device and comes with some features that were not previously available on previous models
  • Offers full 1080p HD support
  • Second-generation Roku Express line five times more powerful than its predecessor
  • Mirrors the smartphone’s display
  • Includes the Express Plus lineup of devices, which is Walmart exclusive
  • Remote is IR and comes with several channel shortcut buttons for instant launch
  • Considered as a top-of-the-line Roku model
  • Provides Ultra HD and HDR 10 support
  • Comes with voice remote that can control the volume of the TV – a remote finder helps you find it when it is lost
  • Solo and private listening can be accomplished through the headphone jack
  • Equipped with a USB port and a micro SD card slot – plug in and play media from flash drive or cards
  • Faster and more reliable connection with the Ethernet port
  • Extremely affordable and designed for the 4K TV to stream Ultra HD content – support 4K Ultra HD playback at up to 60fps
  • Equipped with HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 providing support for HDR and WCG UHD streaming from services such as Amazon and Netflix
  • Point-anywhere remote that has a headphone jack for solo listening in the Premiere Plus
  • Night-listening mode to watch movies and shows without any disturbance to others – volume of loud sounds like explosions is softened and volume of soft sounds like whispering is increased
  • Channel shortcut buttons to popular streaming channels – Netflix, Sling, and Hulu

Roku device setup guide

Execute Roku device setup guide for streaming gadget that you use. Roku streaming device models are many and let us explain how to proceed with setup. As the initial setup, it’s important to gather requirements that include cables to connect your device, wireless network credentials (username and password), Roku account and webpage to provide device linking code

  • Once if the requisites are collected, proceed connecting the device to network & you need to switch your device on.
  • All of the devices work with the HDMI – verify TV settings and then insert the Roku into the appropriate HDMI port.
  • Toggle appropriate HDMI input on TV before choosing language and setting up Wi-Fi
  • Use high-speed HDMI cable (enclosed with package) to attach streaming player to TV.
  • Newer Smart TVs connect with the HDMI while older TVs require composite cables to connect
  • Opt for network connection type as wireless and provide wireless network credentials to activate internet connection
  • Some Roku devices are equipped with an Ethernet port – this is best utilized during the setup process for a stronger, reliable network connectivity
  • Generally, power connectors accompany the Roku device – employ this to power up the player
  • Insert batteries into the remote control to pair the player and the remote
  • Toggle to the appropriate HDMI input on the TV before choosing the language and setting up the Wi-Fi
  • A guided setup procedure provides prompts for users to follow to accomplish the full hardware setup

Roku account

  • After internet connection happens, a code appears on the screen; enter this at to relate the device
  • An account on ensuresreceiving relevant notifications, setting a PIN and monitoring channel purchases

Display Type

  • Though the device offer manual display settings allow it to set the display automatically for first time setup
  • HDR-capable Roku devices will automatically detect the TV’s compatibility with 4K HDR to display images accordingly

Roku account creation

Create a Roku account and new users can navigate to account creation page & provide the required data that include name, email ID and password. Check if you have connected Roku streaming gadget and it’s good if you use a premium HDMI cable to get better output.

Use the Roku activation code

  • As you proceed with settings, you will receive a Roku com link code on your device display screen and then, note it down
  • Use the page to type code or Roku activation code
  • Streaming gadget will be activated successfully as you wait

Explore the world of entertainment to the best

It’s time to explore the world of entertainment activating most entertaining Roku channels and here we introduce top channels & activation steps. Channel activation steps differ and always depend upon the type of channel- free, paid and private channels. For pay channels, it’s required to pay the charges and for private channels, you require private channel access code

Troubleshoot Roku activation and setup issues

In case if you end up with issues or errors as you proceed with setup instructions

  • Check the Roku activation code or Roku com link codethat you use. Get a new code and begin your activation process once again
  • The webpage or URL to link streaming gadget
  • The status of the network connection that you use
  • Restarting the device can resolve activation and setup errors to a greater extent
  • Verify and validate the Roku account that you use
  • Check the page that you use for activation

Get more updates on Roku TV activation or Roku activation code; and Roku device setup navigating to the customer support page.

How to add the channel?

  • Once you decide the best channel to watch, login to Roku account and then, start channel search visiting channel app store
  • Once you receive channel search results, add the channel and use channel activation page Roku. com/link to provide Roku activation code
  • Proceed with channel activation steps and incase if the added channel is not visible, try performing a system update

If live-streaming is your choice, channel subscription packages are available such as Sling TV, Play station Vue, Hulu with Live TV, Twitch, News On and then, you can pay the subscription charges to activate it

If you prefer streaming from a mobile device, download channel app, connect your device to network and begin streaming the programs you like the most. For private channel activation, use the option add channel with code and proceed with on-screen prompts


A highly reliable device, the Roku seldom offers users a chance to grumble. Setting up the device is easy and in case there are issues with the player, they usually point to insufficient network speeds or incompatible hardware.

Checking internet quality

  • Home -> Settings -> Network -> Check Connection – on the remote will allow users to check the status of their connection
  • Subsequently, the Roku device tries establishing a connection to the internet
  • For connection completed successfully, a ‘Green’ check appears alternatively, a ‘Red’ ‘X’ mark displays
  • Review connection
  • The ‘Signal Strength’ and ‘Internet Download Speed’ values are available under Settings -> Network -> About
  • Invariably, these fields contain ‘Excellent’ and ‘Good’ values respectively, for optimal Roku functionality

Not powering on

  • In the event where the device does not power on at all, the issue traces back to either the power outlet on the wall or the adapter
  • The Roku player connects to the electricity through the power cables- inability to switch on the device only means inadequate power
  • Attach the power adapter securely, once again – Attach the device to a different electrical outlet
  • Some Roku devices can use alternative power sources such as the TV’s USB – Allow the Roku to receive power through the TV’s USB and check its status once again
  • If the Roku device draws power only through the TV’s USB, try a different USB port

Other troubleshooting measures would also include resetting the Roku device and even checking with the ISP to augment internet speeds.

Get the player, for ultimate entertainment, and a number of choices for your viewing pleasure. For any device inquiries, speak to our agents for advice.


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