Roku Tips and Tricks for Easy Use

Want to make your streaming easier? Here we suggest Roku tricks for new faces to get you streaming like a pro

Some of the Roku Tricks are amazing where even an Android device can be used as a Roku remote. To save your time from choosing letter by letter, you can make use of Voice Search that includes in Roku Tricks

Best Roku Tricks

Best Roku Tricks

1. Viewing Free Entertainment

  • Want to explore the Roku channel, a channel that features movies, TV episodes, live new and much more free content
  • There are more than a hundred free channels available on the Roku which consists of Crackle, Pandora, Pluto TV and more
  • Subscription can also be done for your favorite channels and check the list of Roku free trials and offers

2. Mobile App as Replacement for Roku Remote

  • Download the mobile application for both Android and iOS
  • And with this, a mobile device turns in to a Roku remote allowing voice search and personal listening and offers an on-screen keyboard
  • The users can use this Android application as an extra remote and this s the first and one of the best Roku Tricks

3. Voice Search – Time Saver

  • Voice search option has made the boring key searches interesting
  • Roku search is an excellent handy specification that can do all your searching work
  • This feature is included in Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Smart Soundbar that comes with the voice remote

4. Home Screen Arrangement

  • There is so much difficulty scrolling up and down on your home screen to search for a channel
  • Instead of that locate the go-to channels at the top of the home screen to access easily
  • And you can do this by highlighting the channel that you wish to relocate and click the option key
  • Finally, opt for Move Channel option

5. Add all the Favorites

  • This option enables the user to add channels to the Roku player when the user is not near the device
  • Firstly, launch a web browser on your Android device or tablet
  • After that, access the Roku channel store
  • And in the search bar enter the name of the channel
  • The channel details will now appear and can ask the user for subscription
  • Finally, select the +Add Channel option to add the favorite channel to the channel list

6. Personal Listening Features

  • The private listening feature enables the users to stream all their favorite shows without anyone who can listen to them
  • Fix the headphones to the Android devices and access the Roku mobile app
  • Choose Remote and then opt headphones icon, which is Private listening to enjoy your streaming alone

7. Roku ‘s Parental Control

  • There are 1000+ channels available on Roku and there might be some channels that the user wants to keep away from children
  • And here is the special feature for this and it is called parental control and children cannot access the device
  • Configure this setting by accessing Settings and choose Parental Controls
  • Create your PIN to handle and control which channels are included and removed

8. Customized Screensaver

  • The user can customize their screensaver by the steps below
  • Access the Channel store and click on Screensaver option to get for the selection
  • Customers can also make use of the downloaded screen savers by visiting settings and choosing Screensaver option

9. Casting

  • A good tip to save your time if watching entertainment via mobile apps that supports casting like YouTube and Netflix
  • Firstly, link the Android device and the Roku player to the same network
  • Secondly, choose a video to stream and then touch the square box that is found with a Wi-Fi symbol
  • And now the user can choose the Roku player and stream it on a big screen

10. Screen Mirroring

  • It’s a specialized feature where the user can cast from the apps supporting on an Android device to the Roku player and one can also mirror the entire screen from using this screen mirroring feature
  • Firstly, access the Settings and check whether the Screen Mirroring option is enabled
  • Again, reach the settings of the Android device and Find Cast option
  • After that, link the Roku player and then proceed with the setup instructions

11. Hotel and Dorm Connect

  • This feature can help when the user while they have a breakaway
  • And the Hotel and Dorm Connect feature enables the user to connect to the public Wi-Fi and stream your favorite shows
  • Firstly, link the Roku player to the TV using an HDMI port
  • After that, hold and release the Home button on the Roku remote
  • Choose settings by scrolling up and down
  • Secondly, chose Network—> Setup connection—-> Wireless
  • Next, choose the wireless network of the Hotel or college Dorm from the available list
  • Once after connecting to the network, opt for I am at a Hotel or College Dorm

There are plenty of Roku tips and Roku tricks that a user must know either before starting to use the device or during the time of emergency. Parent’s control is considered to be one of the best option for child safety.

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