If you are a TV series buff, then Acorn TV is the best channel to watch the enthralling and entertaining British shows. All the exciting and mysterious British TV shows are presented and you can watch them at an affordable cost. There are TV series ranging across various genres on Acorn TV, and you can choose your desired genres. You can effortlessly activate the Acorn TV channel on your Roku device by following the Acorn TV Roku guide. Let’s take a brief look into the features of Acorn TV before we go to the activation steps

Acorn TV Features

  • Acorn TV has a wide array of TV series consisting of a variety of genres like mystery, horror, drama, comedy and many more
  • There are no ads that disrupt your streaming, so you can watch the TV shows hassle-free
  • TV shows on Acorn TV are available in the following categories
  1. Mystery
  2. Drama
  3. Comedy
  4. Documentary
  5. Staff Picks
  6. Costume Dramas
  7. Modern Mysteries
  8. Agatha Christie
  9. Book Adaptations
  • You can avail the Acorn TV channel for a price around $5.99/month including taxes
  • Moreover, you can subscribe to the Acorn TV package for a whole year for a price of $59.99(approx.)
  • Furthermore, you have a 7-day free trial for both the Acorn TV packages
  • The billing starts after the 7-day trial period and you can even cancel it before that period
  • You can easily create your Roku com link account and start using Acorn TV immediately
  • Moreover, Acorn TV content ranges beyond British shows and it contains some of the Australian classics too

What’s more interesting is the fact that Acorn TV keeps updating its content from time to time so the users may have access to new and interesting shows

Acorn TV Roku

Acorn TV Roku

Device Compatibility

Acorn TV is supported on various devices such as

  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
  • Apple TV (tvOS version)
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android mobile and tablets
  • Chromecast
  • laptops, desktops, and tablets via a browser

Best Shows on Acorn TV

As the Acorn TV keeps updating its content, some of the best shows you can watch on Acorn TV are

  • Midsomers Murders
  • Agatha Raisin
  • Queens of Mystery
  • Agatha Christie’s Poirot
  • Doc Martin
  • The Worst Week Of My Life
  • The Syndicate: All or Nothing
  • Goodnight Sweetheart
  • Pie In The Sky
  • Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

There are many other awesome and great shows that keep you on the edge on Acorn TV

Creating a Roku Acorn TV Account

Follow the steps given below to create your Acorn TV account easily. You have to create an Acorn TV account before you start the Acorn TV Roku guide

  • First navigate to acorn.tv on your computer and click the ‘Log in’ option on the top-right corner
  • Following this, click on ‘Start your free trial’ option on the top right corner of the page
  • After that, enter your details and select the Acorn TV plan
  • Finally, complete the account creation process by entering your payment details and creating a password

Acorn TV Roku Guide

You can easily activate and start streaming your favorite shows on Acorn TV by following the steps given below

  • First switch on your Roku device and navigate to the categories list
  • After that, in the ‘Movies & TV’ scroll through the section and find the Acorn TV channel
  • Otherwise, you can search for Acorn TV using the search bar
  • Type ‘Acorn TV’ on the search bar given and press search and select the Acorn TV channel that appears
  • Following this, click the ‘Add channel’ option next to the Acorn TV and wait a few moments for the channel to install on your Roku device
  • After that, open the channel and sign in using your Acorn TV credentials

Now you have full access to the cool and exciting Acorn TV shows and you can start streaming without hindrance

If you have further questions on how to get Acorn TV Roku, feel free to call us up on +1-844-839-1180 toll-free number.

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