Add Subscription Channels on My Second Roku

Here are the simple ways to Add Subscription channels on my second Roku

  • If you are enjoying the streaming with your Roku TV, but want to connect the new Roku streaming player you can work on the below-given steps
  • Already if you are using the existing Roku account on your Roku TV, then you can use the same on your new streaming player
  • The streaming channels that are activated with the old Roku TV will be automatically linked with new streaming device
  • There is a new feature that has been added to the Roku that is the Automatic account link
  • This feature can automatically link your old account with the new streaming device
  • So that you need not worry about the subscription channels on your Roku tv
Add Subscription Channels on my Second Roku

Add Subscription Channels on my Second Roku

Note: if your subscribed channel does not work on the automatic account link, then you have to process with the username and password to sign in to your Roku device

What is an Automatic Account Link?

  • This feature is introduced in the Roku OS 9.1
  • By using this feature, you may need not to worry about the username and password
  • This automatic account link can link the existing old Roku account to the new Roku device
  • So there is no need of the username and the password to process the new streaming device
  • Until the subscription channels in the old device accepts the automatic account link feature, you can get the supported channels on the new device also
  • If the subscribed channels does not accept this feature then you need to complete the setup of the device and activate it using the user id and the password

Channels that can support the Automatic Account Link

  • Hulu
  • Philo
  • Pandora
  • Sling tv

Other than this channels, they won’t support the automatic account link

Special Features of Hulu TV

  • Hulu offers many original content, movies, shows that are kids favorite and full seasons of hit shows
  • This channel provides you with the 50+live tv
  • Additionally, this channel also offers premium networks like HBO and SHOWTIME channels

Special Features of Philo tv

  • Philo tv offers more than 58 channels
  • This tv offers service to pause the live tv or else you can start the live tv from the beginning

Special Features of Pandora tv

  • those who love the music can not forget to subscribe to the pandora
  • On this channel, you can create the favorite list and hear the upgraded songs
  • You can also hear the album and create the playlist ad-free

Special Features of the sling tv

  • You can watch more than 150+channels on the sling tv
  • Shows like kids shows, live sports, hit shows, extras are available in this channel
  • Sling tv also offers 22 languages

What are the issues that you face when your device is not automatically signed into a subscription channel on my new Roku device?

if you could not Add Subscription channels on my second Roku  then follow these steps to resolve the issues

  • To Add Subscription channels on my second Roku you need to add the new device to the old existing account
  • Ensure that the subscription channels must support to the automatic link account feature
  • If not, then you have to use the user id and the password to sign in to your Roku account
  • If your subscription is not valid then you can’t link your account to the new Roku
  • Check the service provider for the validity of your channels
  • Additionally, check that the subscription channels are found on the existing account

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