Get on the player, in the form of CNNgo. Propelled into being more than three decades ago, the channel is still going strong and even today, it is dedicated to televising news 24 x 7 and is available on a variety of streaming devices. On the Roku, you will find CNN under the News & Weather category.


  • Append to the player from the channel store
  • Click on Add channel and enter the details for your account
  • Although you must have a TV subscription to complete addition of the service
  • With no in-app purchases, and at no additional costs, users can watch CNN from under the My Channels section after adding it
  • Get a link code and verify it to sync the player and the channel

Other ways

There are different ways of watching Get skinny bundles on other services such as Sling TV, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue and much more.

Sling TV

  • One of the cheapest and yet fastest evolving channel services, Sling TV has come a long way since it first began
  • Channels available only on cable and satellite TV can be enjoyed on Sling TV
  • Sling TV combines with other channels as well such as Lifetime, AMC, Disney, ESPN and much more
  • Incidentally, Sling was also the first channel to offer ESPN without cable
  • Check out the one-week trial for Sling TV and add

DirecTV Now

  • People generally use DirecTV Now when they want to switch over from satellite or cable television. It does remain a popular choice with viewers who wish to cut the cord and still want to enjoy the benefits of cable TV viewing.
  • There are basically four different packages at gradually increasing rates available on DirecTV Now
  • You get even at the Live a Little package that costs around $40 per month
  • CNN is available with 60+ other channels
  • For those who want more than just a little can get the Just Right package at $55 a month that has more than 80 channels including CNN
  • Finally, there is the Go Big package containing more than 100 channels to feature costing around $65 per month
  • The Gotta Have It package is designed especially for streaming device buffs at $75 per month that comes with more than 120 channels
  • All of them come with a trial for a week

PlayStation Vue

  • For those who have the PS Vue gaming device, you just hit a jackpot
  • Others can still stream PlayStation Vue, record shows, watch live TV and much more
  • It does come with a 5-day trial after which you pay anywhere from $39.99 to a maximum of $74.99
  • There are a choice of 49 to 90 channels within this price range including
  • With a month-on-month contract, PS Vue standalone is definitely a better choice to cable TV

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