Replacing the Disney Channel on the Roku, Disneynow com activate comes in a new avatar while amalgamating content from three of the brand’s most popular streams – Disney XD, Disney Junior and the Disney Channel. Plus, live TV, there are a number of original movies or DCOMs that you can enjoy.

Featured by TV Everywhere, users just have to subscribe to a managing satellite partner to get a range of on-demand content and receive live feeds as well. Even if you do not wish to subscribe to a Pay TV provider, install the app to watch a number of unlocked videos.

Home screen

  • After you have accomplished the Disneynow com activate, the screen opens up to the main Home
  • Highlights of all the popular shows from new episodes – listed here
  • Then, you have the favorites tab that will provide users with suggestions to watch shows
  • There are some special collections available on the Home screen as well
  • Alternatively, to watch your preferred content, filter across the Disney XD, Disney Junior, Radio Disney and Disney Channel

Shows Menu

  • On the Home screen itself, you will find the Shows menu that lists all the shows from A to Z
  • Go to the Shows menu and watch shows from additional categories such as Star Wars, Marvel and Shorts


  • Under the DCOM menu you will see a collection of Disney movies
  • Generally, the offers vary according to genre and content
  • Authenticate your login through a pay TV provider to watch a range of full episodes and lots of shorts

Unlocking content

  • Browse through all the shows to find unlocked shows
  • The video thumbnail without the key symbol remains unlocked
  • Choose any of the unlocked videos to authenticate your credentials with a TV provider
  • Go to Settings-> Provider and then go to to enter the code visualized on your screen
  • From here, choose the TV provider name from where you will be navigating to the chosen provider website
  • Login with your credentials
Disneynow com activate

Activate Disneynow

Channel store Roku – Disneynow com activate

  • Create a great experience for preschoolers when you set your profile into the Disney Junior mode
  • There are episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, DuckTales and much more under the Watch Full Episodes option, across Disney Junior, Disney XD and Disney Channel
  • The Make It Yours allows you to customize your Disney experience using Emojis
  • Pick all your favorites and even discover fresh shows
  • Those who don’t have access to a TV do not have to worry. The Watch Live feature provides you with Disney Junior, XD and Disney Channel live when you download the free DisneyNow app. With the app, you also contribute to market research

Other ways to watch Disneynow on Roku

  • With no traditional cable infrastructure, Roku com link makes it extremely economical for you to watch all of your favorite shows
  • Content delivers over the internet and none of the regional monopolies of the cable giants extort you
  • There are multiple ways to get Disneynow com activate on Roku

Hulu with Live TV

  • Get this live TV service from Hulu with its skinny bundle that provides you with a single tier offering
  • Premium channel add-ons are also available with the base package
  • Costing around $39.99 per month, you will get more than 55 channels to choose from including Disney channels along with Junior and XD

Sling TV

  • Different and highly economical compared to most of the other skinny bundles, offerings under Sling TV are basically divided into three
  • You can also customize your choices through add-ons
  • Get the Sling Orange package to watch the Disney channel – the package costs just $25 per month
  • Add Disney Junior and Disney XD at just $5 per month with the Kids Extra package

DirecTV Now

  • DirecTV Now is supported by telecom and pay TV giants such as AT & T
  • A range of small to big and cheap selection of bundles are available with DirecTV Now
  • All of the networks included in each of the bundles – a selection of some new ones available as well
  • Since Disney Channel is included across the board, users can choose any of DirecTV Now’s packages
  • At just $35 per month, the Live a Little package will provide you with your choice of Disney channels

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