You can find a range of live MLB, MLS and NHL games in ESPN+ Roku. This channel arrived last year, which will certainly be a new era for Disney owned properties to deliver content. ESPN+ offers users a new, mobile way to use the updated ESPN application to access ESPN content and live programming

Advantages of ESPN+

  • ESPN+ has been getting the title “bestie of soccers” as it is known for telecasting soccer
  • In addition to the above, ESPN+ also has a pluriannual deal with the FA cup
  • The app offers access to scores, news, sports radio, podcasts, a library on request, even some games and programs not available on ESPN cable channels
  • You will be allowed to access out-of-market matches via the ESPN App if you are successfully subscribing to another premium sports streaming service like or
  • In addition, ESPN has scored exclusive UFC pay-per-view rights and makes ESPN+ the only place to stream the most important matches for the promotion
  • Surprisingly, the United Soccer League, cricket, rugby and the matches of the UEFA Nations League, the Canadian Football League are also on display
  • Indeed, ESPN+ is not a stand-alone streaming service nor is it a replacement for your ESPN cable services
  • The point often overlooked is that the new service differs from other streaming apps in a few key ways
  • For instance, the service can add Fox Sports programming if Disney and the Century Fox agreement closes
  • ESPN also has a fresh black background tab for watching
  • A seven-day free trial is only available to fresh ESPN+ subscribers
ESPN+ Roku

ESPN+ Roku

What does ESPN+ show

The ESPN application for Roku provides you with live sports and gives you the most attention to news, highlights and analysis on-demand. Some are

  • NFL-Soccer Monday night
  • Tennis-Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open
  • Golf – The Masters
  • Baseball – MLB regular season, NCAA men’s baseball, NCAA women’s softball
  • Basketball – NBA regular season, the Playoffs, the NBA Finals, as well as NCAA men’s and women’s basketball
  • College Football – regular season, bowl games, and the College Football Playoff

Cost of ESPN+

  • To watch ESPN Live channels, a paid TV subscription remains essential even if you stream in a cable, satellite and a live TV streaming service
  • The ESPN+ Roku basic subscription costs $5 per month or $50 for an annual subscription
  • Important to realize, you save $10 annually
  • Similarly, you can save a lot by bundling ESPN, Disney, Disney+ and Hulu
  • The ESPN+ Roku app serves as a gatekeeper for consumers to sign up for a Live View
  • If you choose to stop your subscription at any moment, no strings attached


  • Videos can be streamed with up to 60 frames per seconds for sports content, although this increases your data charge when viewed via a data connection
  • ESPN+ is much like its sibling cable channel advertising
  • Despite the subscription models, while watching the live programming you will still find some amount of restricted advertisements
  • On the bright side, you can watch live contents from the start if you miss the first portion of a match, even when you start late

What are the Guidelines to Add and Activate ESPN PLUS on Roku Device?

  1. At first, you have to get your Roku home screen on your TV screen
  2. Hold the Home button on your Roku remote to get the Roku home screen
  3. After that, using the remote, you have to scroll the streaming channel section
  4. In there, you will have to search for the ESPN PLUS channel
  5. If you did not find it, then input the name of the channel in the search field of the Roku channel store
  6. Secondly, choose ESPN PLUS, from the results and then check for the channel description
  7. Now, you have to select the Add channel option to kick start the downloading process
  8. Once after the download is complete, then you have to launch the ESPN channel on your Roku device
  9. Now, you will get the ESPN PLUS channel activation code
  10. Thirdly, you have yo visit
  11. In there, you have to select the cable TV provider and then enter the channel activation code
  12. Finally, click the Activate or the Submit button to start up with the channel activation process

How to create ESPN Account?

  • Download the ESPN app and either create an account or log in using the existing one
  • Add ESPN+ by navigating to the app with the help of the Roku remote
  • Now enjoy watching the ESPN+ on Roku device


  • Live games

Live football, boxing, golf, tennis, rugby, cricket, college games and lots more are available on this app

  • Original programming and studio shows

ESPN+ has live events such as Major League Soccer, original programming, unique studio displays, and a profound content catalog

For example, Kobe Bryant is hosting a show called “Detail” for basketball

  • Series and films

Many movies, such as the “Last Days of Knight” are also exclusive to ESPN+

Contact the customer service team @ +1-844-839-1180 or visit Roku com link account toll-free number for further inquiries about the ESPN+ Roku.

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