What is Roku Relay?

  • At first, Roku Relay is a dual-band network device that can make a secure wireless network connection to your Roku streaming player
  • Moreover, this can extend the reach of your network Roku streaming devices that are set up in rooms away from your wireless router
  • Similarly, the Roku Relay can also help if the Roku device is far from your router to produce a higher quality picture like 4K Ultra HD and HDR

More Guidelines on Roku Relay

Here we provide you more information on Roku Relay.

  • Firstly, Roku relay can perform well with Roku streaming and devices like Roku TV’s
  • On the other hand, this can free up the bandwidth on the network that already exists and adds a wireless channel that is dedicated to Roku streaming
  • Likewise the express lane for audio and video, thus the network can be made less congested for the other wireless network devices

What are the Roku Devices that Work with Roku Relay?

Below is the list of Roku devices that support Roku Relay 

  • Roku Express
  • Roku Streaming Stick+
  • Roku 2
  • Roku 3
  • Roku 4
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Express+ 
  • Roku Premiere Plus

Is Roku Relay a Wi-Fi Extender?

Yes! Roku Relay is a Wi-Fi extender to gain streaming security.

  • Firstly, Roku Relay is a new Wi-Fi Extender that is made by Roku
  • The most important idea behind these devices is to increase the signal strength of the wireless connection inside the home
  • Moreover, this small white device can easily plug into the electrical outlet
  • Similarly, this can improve the quality of streaming
  • On the other hand, Roku has also provided with setup Roku Relay setup apps for both Android and iOS devices
  • And this app will provides the users with more details on how does the Roku Relay product works
  • Secondly, by using the mobile setup process and limited wireless coverage to Roku devices, Roku Relay could be more effective than the regular ones
  • It can also stop issues like buffering only for your Roku streaming devices

How does this Roku Replay Function?

How To Setup Roku Relay

How To Setup Roku Relay

We are giving you a small gist on how does the Roku relay works:

  • The Roku Relay Wi-Fi Extender must be plugged into the electrical outlet around the midpoint between the wireless router and device that you want to connect
  • Moreover, now the extender gets the wireless signal from the wireless router
  • And then it reproduces that signal to navigate to the devices that are far
  • Most importantly, this Roku Relay Wi-Fi extender works exclusively with Roku streaming players
  • Roku will be providing its users with a unique channel that can act like an Express lane for audio and video
  • And thereby it can free up up the bandwidth for other devices connecting to the existing network

Performance of Roku Relay

  • On the other hand, the Roku Relay can perform with many Roku players and Smart TV
  • Secondly, it also has the ability to nominate a boosted device that can get preferential treatment to the network
  • Further, the users can install the boosted device via the Roku Relay’s Android or iOS app
  • Moreover, factory reset the Relay so that you can optimize various Roku Player or Roku TV
  • Thirdly, the Roku Mobile app can assist you in finding the best place to set up the Roku Relay
  • Most importantly, the Roku Relay users have to identify the possible outlet locations
  • After performing the above, the mobile app will begin to run as a speed text and proffers you with guidelines by checking whether the place is good or not
  • But, the Setup Roku Relay users must also text the other installation locations and make sure to compare them
  • Finally, it is the Roku mobile app that can help you with the installation and the placement process

How to Setup Roku Relay?

  • Firstly, to install this, you will require a wall outlet, the Roku mobile app, and also you must enable the Bluetooth on your mobile phones
  • Secondly, you will connect the White Roku Relay on to your power outlet
  • After that, download the Roku Relay app on your mobile phone so that this will help you to set up the Roku Relay
  • Finally, enable the Bluetooth so that it would be easy locating the best position at home

How to Download the Roku Relay App on your Mobile Device?

Perform the preceding steps to download the Roku Relay app on your mobile device 

  • At first, if you are using Android device access Google PlayStore or if its an iOS device access App Store
  • Secondly, in the search bar, you have to enter the Roku Relay and wait for the results
  • Choose Roku Relay and then touch the Install or the Get option
  • Launch the app and perform all the on-screen prompts
  • After that, make sure that you have completed installing your Roku Relay
  • Thirdly, make use of this Roku Relay app to find the perfect location for your Roku Relay to boost the streaming of your Roku device
  • Finally, check for the Statues of your Roku Relay

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