Setup and Link Your Roku Without Remote

Though this process involves a lot of mechanisms, there is always an alternative to link your Roku device to the Wi-Fi network that you’ve been using. The setup always requires at least two devices as you can use the Roku mobile app on your Smartphone. This app can be used as a replacement for the enhanced remote that you already own. Mobile’s hotspot serves as an interaction to connect your device to a new network. But always remember at this juncture, you’ll have to make another Smartphone function as an additional remote. In this article, let us see the various steps that could be done to setup Roku without remote.

So, What are the Steps for setup Roku without Remote?

  • This setup mechanism can be done only using the Roku models that have released recently
  • Especially, the Roku Ultra is a perfect choice and this process is somewhat tricky to perform
  • So, assume that you are aware of the Roku SSID and passphrase that is saved on the gadget
  • Start with setting up a Wi-Fi access point for the device and as said above, you’ll need two devices to finish off this procedure
  • Ensure that you have a Roku mobile app downloaded on your Smartphone or tablet to make it function as a remote
  • The Application is exclusively available for both the Android and iOS devices

Well, Mobile Hotspot is here!

How to Setup Roku without Remote

How to Setup Roku without Remote

Before you start the process, you must know that not all mobile phones have hotspot access. Enquire whether the wireless service plan exists for your device and if that is not included in part of the plans, then you may end up paying all the additional charges. Make sure you follow equivalent steps for the other phones too:

  • Push the “Mobile Hotspot” option by surfing to the settings option on your Smartphone
  • Then choose the “Setup Mobile Hotspot” option and open the Hotspot list
  • After this, you’ll get notified to the next menu after the notification that indicates the amount of data that you’ve used
  • Select Ok to continue to the next step
  • Let’s continue the fun as you are now going to give your Wi-Fi a name
  • Once you name your Wi-Fi, safeguard it by feeding a password
  • Now your Wi-Fi hotspot gets more secure and choose the security key as “WPA 2 PSK” from the list of alternatives
  • The Mobile Hotspot gets created and review the settings once
  • Finally, select “Ok” and activate the Mobile Hotspot

Now what, use the Roku Mobile App

To control the Roku device you own, it is evident that the Roku device is a fine option. Roku app works until the network and the mobile phone is in unison. Now follow the steps below:

  • Initially, Tap on the Roku app on your mobile to launch it
  • At the bottom of the screen, choose the icon that resembles the remote
  • Consequently, the remote appears on the screen and layout of the remote is similar to the one that you use
  • You must operate this virtual remote in the same way as you would use your normal enhanced remote

The remote layout looks somewhat like a cliché version of the hardware. The virtual remote aims to use swipes rather than depending on the conventional button taps. Swap between the remote layouts by modifying the settings from the remote adjustment menu.

First, Upgrade the Settings before any Operation

  • Firstly, Link an additional device to the mobile hotspot and then open the Roku mobile app
  • Use the app as a remote and navigate to the Network settings you find in the Roku device
  • Modify the network settings to meet the fresh Wi-Fi you want the Roku to connect to
  • Subsequently, turn off your phone’s Mobile hotspot and then connect to it a new Wi-Fi network
  • Employ the same kind of steps for the virtual remote that you use in the hardware version

But always remember that the wired connection or otherwise known as Ethernet could prove to be a fine alternative despite the fact that these methods can be performed on only the older Roku models

Troubleshoot – Setup Roku without Remote Issues

You might face several issues while setting up your Roku without a remote. So, try applying few resourceful techniques that could nullify the issue with ease. Among every other technique, resetting the Roku might prove to be a great way. Instead of depending on soft and hard reset techniques, just surf to the Roku settings and choose Factory reset. It eliminates all of your preferences within a jiffy and makes the device to work more faster without any concern

In times of difficulty or grave concern regarding your Roku device, please let us know so that we could help you in sorting out the problem. Ping the toll-free number +1-844-839-1180 or to get the finest solutions from our expert panel.

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