Privacy Policy

The most important part of the terms & conditions section is privacy policies. This section only defines all the methods and process we are implementing in the collection of data and security. Without prior permission from the users, we can’t hand over the user data to anyone at any cause. The data we are collecting from the user side are the name, email ID, phone number, IP address and other payment information for service transaction purpose.

Data collection

We are collecting the basic data from the user side only for the purpose of offering services. We collect data either via chat or by the call. In case of any need for the services only, we collect the location data from the user. In our terms and conditions, materials indicate the data sheets, user manuals, design information of the product, white papers and documents.

User responsibility

Feel free to contact our team, in case of seeking solutions for all your queries such as activating the services, about data collection etc. In case of facing any third party information on our site, we recommend not to use those instructions/data. We are not liable one for misuse of data by the third parties.


Our authorities have all the rights to wind up or conclude the services if any misuse of our service or information is found on the user side. Based on the user’s move only, we will take the respective actions.


We incorporate cookies on our website only to improve our connection with the users thereby improving the services. The user has whole rights to turn on/off the cookies on the site.