Things To Do Before Cutting Cable Access

If you wish to activate the cord-cutters on the Roku device, then you need to first make this checklist and verify the checklist before cutting the cable access. So first check this list before you prefer the cord-cutters.

Check Your Network Connection

If you prefer the cord-cutters, you need to check the speed of your internet connection, as this is almost mandatory to choose the cord-cutters. Many streaming services prefer at least 7MBPS of download speed. This is most important to avoid buffering issues. It is even better if the internet speed is even fast to enjoy all those surfing, chatting and the gaming on the Roku device.

If you are using the telephone lines for the, your internet speed must be higher up to 1000MBPS.

What can I do before cutting my cable access

What can I do before cutting my cable access

Compatible Roku Device

You need to check that you have the compatible Roku device to use the cord-cutters. Also, check that your tv is also compatible to stream the built-in apps of the smart tv. If not, then upgrade the smart tv to the next generation.

Choose Your Channels

You need to check that there are available channels and streaming apps available on the streaming services. So on-demand streaming like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime video are providing hundreds of content, and also it is even possible to get all those content on the Roku channel store.

Live streaming apps that are the cord-cutters like the sling tv, Hulu with live tv, and the fubo tv are also such live streaming tv services. These play a major role in engaging people to choose cord-cutters. So make sure that there streaming services provide the channels that you prefer to watch. Before removing the cable make sure that you have proper channel line available on the cord-cutters

There are also add on packages available on the cord-cutters by paying extra add on the package you can get all those channels which you prefer to watch on the streaming services. You can also get the combo on live streaming in many streaming services. This kind of combos is available on YouTube and Philo streaming service. So you need not get worried about the channels missing.

Customize Your Streaming

It is your choice to store the streaming TV personalization and choose and arrange the stuff on the screen. It is not the choice of the cable company. So on the Roku device, you can store the favorite apps on the top access. Or you can arrange them alphabetically and also you can differentiate via the colors of your wish.

If you don’t prefer some channels, it is your choice to remove such channels from the Roku device and arrange the channels which you wish.

Purchase Your Antenna

Even if your internet goes down on some time, you can have the set of shows or channels that can be streamed via the antenna. Also, there are dozens of HD content available on the antennas. So be aware of all those HD broadcasting channels available on the antennas. The popular channel that is available on the antenna is the comet channel. As you can many science fictions shows on the movies on 24*7 available on the comet tv

Antennas can also stream the sports channels, local news that you can able to watch on the cable as well as you can get the live streaming on the tv services. As the purchase of the antenna can stay for many years, and then you can enjoy free entertainment for many years.

If the checklists mentioned above are perfect for you, then you can prefer the cord-cutters on the streaming. After completing all the checklist, you can choose which cord cutter you prefer

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