Features of 123Movies

  • 123Movies are the alternative for the cable TV
  • On this, you can stream your favorite movies on online
  • The video quality of the streaming on this app is HD, HD-RIP, Blu-ray
  • On this app, you can get hundreds of movies
  • If you wish to activate the 123Movies on the Roku device, you can get this as the apk file on the Roku device
  • This is the third party site, and this is not available on the Roku channel store
  • So you can get this app via the Kodi on the Roku

Steps To Download And Install The 123Movies on Roku

123Movies Roku is the third party site. So that you can get the app on the Kodi. As the 123Movies Roku is not available on the Roku channel store.

Watch 123Movies on Roku

Watch 123Movies on Roku

Step To Get Kodi On Roku

  • You need to first set the Roku device
  • To process the channel activation and to stream the videos on the Roku device you need to process the initial steps on the Roku
  • After you complete the Roku device, you need to open the settings
  • On the settings, you need to open the system option
  • Now you need to choose the screen mirroring option from the System option
  • Tap on the screen mirroring option, and then you need to enable the tick mark on the prompt option
  • Now you need to download and install the Kodi app from the play store
  • open the settings option on the android
  • Now you need to tap on the display option
  • Choose the wireless display option to process the steps
  • Next, you need to wait until you get the Roku device name on the screen

Once you get the device name under the wireless display

After installing, Finally, you need to open the Kodi app on the Android device. Choose the file which you wish to screen on the Roku. Check that the same content is displayed on both the Roku device and the Android device

How To Watch 123Movies On Roku?

123Movies on Roku is the add on available on the Kodi. You can get the 123Movies on Roku via the Kodi on the Roku device

  • On the Android device, you need to launch the Kodi app
  • Navigate to the settings and choose the file manager
  • Click the add source option twice and then choose none option
  • Enter the proper URL to get the 123Movies on Roku as an ad on to the Roku
  • On the Add file source screen, and then click ok
  • Now you need to go back to the main menu and pick the add-ons
  • Choose the zip file and install it
  • Now look for the 123Movies Roku code file as the add on
  • Process the steps to install the 123Movies on the Roku
  • Then you need to go the videos and choose the add ons option
  • Now choose the 123Movies and launch the app on the Roku

For more details on the 123Movies on Roku get in touch with our expert support team @ +1-844-839-1180 or Roku.com/link and resolve the issue on the 123Movies app.

Frequently Asked Questions about 123Movies

Whether Kodi is available on the Roku?

No, Kodi is also the third party app, and this is not officially available on the Roku channel store. So as this is the third party app, you can not install on the Roku device

Whether 123Movies is safe?

No, this is not considered as safe for usage. The 123Movies contain malware files and viruses. So this is not recommended to use it on the Roku device

123Movies are considered as the legal to watch?

No, 123Movies are not legal in many parts of the world. So on some contents, there will be the copyrights issues

Whether there is an alternative available to the 123Movies?

You can get a lot of alternatives available on the Roku channel store. You can get the popcorn Flix, Tubi TV, Crackle and Snag Films, etc. on the Roku channel store

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